Ultimate Southern Gospel Classics CD

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This 12-song compilation features classic hits from great Southern Gospel artists like The Cathedrals, The Happy Goodmans, The Nelons, Janet Paschal, The Talleys, The Florida Boys and David Phelps. With a mixture of old and new, there's something for every Southern Gospel music lover!

Featuring David Phelps' "Behold The Lamb" and Janet Paschal's "I Am Not Ashamed" with classic favorites like The Cathedrals' "Step Into The Water" and The Happy Goodmans' "God Walks The Dark Hills." This collection also includes the rare recording of Wendy Bagwell's "Here Come The Rattlesnakes".


  1. Step Into The Water (by The Cathedrals)
  2. God Walks The Dark Hills (by The Happy Goodmans)
  3. Oh For A Thousand Tongues (by The Nelons)
  4. I Am Not Ashamed (by Janet Paschal)
  5. Here Come The Rattlesnakes (by Wendy Bagwell)
  6. I'm Standing On The Solid Rock (by The Florida Boys)
  7. Who Am I (The Happy Goodmans)
  8. We Shall Wear A Robe And Crown (by The Nelons)
  9. He Is Here (by The Talleys)
  10. The Lighthouse (Live Version - by The Happy Goodmans)
  11. When He Was On The Cross (I Was On His Mind - by The Florida Boys)
  12. Behold The Lamb (by David Phelps)

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