The Dunaways - Blank Page CD

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Released:  February 21, 2019

The Dunaways have a style that is eclectic, drawing from many genres, flavors and cultures. After 25 years it has evolved into a sound while although eclectic, a blending that is their distinction. familiar and recognizable to listeners. In 2016 unforeseen trials came their way in the form of sickness and a struggle to recover from all that it entailed. This event stretched the time between studio projects to five years since their popular 2014 release “Church In The Kitchen”. Blank Page is a title cut from the CD. Although it was not specifically planned, this artist recognizes that God is in every season of life and throughout life we can never stop the seasons from changing. He is always with us...when things die and when things are born. After a long winter of testing, this project is seen as a new beginning, a “Blank Page” where God allows us to remember that His mercies are new every morning!


  1. Faith Like That
  2. We're All Broken
  3. Where There's No Fire
  4. Blank Page
  5. Here's My Goodbye
  6. Taking No Baggage
  7. You Never Know
  8. Harvest Time
  9. Noah Saved the World
  10. Sometimes Mercy Hurts
  11. You're Still You
  12. There's a Morning Coming

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