The Collingsworth Family - That Day is Coming CD

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THAT DAY IS COMING features the title song as well as 7 other songs written by Rachel McCutcheon, one of the most promising new writers in the Gospel Music field. It is quite unusual (almost unprecedented) to have one writer have 8 selections on one album of 13 songs. Rachel McCutcheon worked with co-writers Adina Bowman, Karen Gillespie, and Helga Kaefer in the production of 3 of those 8 songs and they are destined to be masterpieces. 11 of the 13 selections are brand new compositions, with 2 being classics ........ one from the pen of Kirk Talley, from the '80s ........ and one from the pen of Joel Lindsey, from the '90s.

With once again having stellar production from their much awarded Nashville producer, Wayne Haun ........ the Collingsworth Family included some of their favorite musicians in pulling-out-all-the stops on this release. Veteran Nashville studio musician and fellow Gaither Homecoming artist, Gordon Mote (3 time ACM MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR WINNER) once again joined the team, as he has on several other previous Collingsworth productions. Brand new this time were Christopher Phillips, well-known Worship Pastor at Christ Church, Nashville on piano and Hammond B3 ......... and Blaine Johnson, Jason Crabb's band leader and keyboardist (and a personal friend of the Collingsworth Family from sharing the stage with Jason) on Hammond B3. Joining these three incredible keyboard musicians were the same trio of fellows who play on all Collingsworth productions: Dave Cleveland (electric), Craig Nelson (bass), and John Hammond (drums). A new addition this time was Joel Key (acoustic) and what fabulous musicianship he brought to the table. His styling adds so much to the flavor of the music. Then, add the majestic and sizzling orchestration arrangements of Wayne Haun and Roy Agee along with The Nashville String Machine ........ and it results in what has been dubbed "their finest recording to date". With their veteran engineer, Melissa Mattey, firmly in charge at the controls and the warm touches of their mastering engineer, Alan Silverman, of Arf !! Productions New York, NY ....... the final product meets and exceeds all Nashville recording standards for top line quality.

1.Awesome Magnificent
2.I Love Living In Love With Jesus
3.That Day Is Coming
3.He Will Abide
4.Ever Faithful
5.There's Still Power In The Blood
6Wherever You Are
7.You're About To Climb
8.What The Bible Says
9.Gotta Get To Jesus
10.Saints Love To Sing About Heaven
11.When He Carries Me Away
12.Redeemer Of The Rain