Start Your New Year with The Collingsworth Family CD Offer

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Start your New Year off with a great deal from the Singing News store! This offer features CDs from the seven-time winners of Mixed Group of the Year, The Collingsworth Family. 

For a limited time (and while supplies last), you can purchase any of the below CDs from The Collingsworth Family for only $11 each and shipping and handling will be free - saving you more than 25 percent off the total cost!

Just choose your CD(s) below and click on the link to the page that allows you to order directly from that page.  Then complete the order process or return here to order another one.

First on the list is the group's latest album, Mercy & Love.  This 14-song collection was recorded with the renowned Prague Philharmonic orchestra and includes new selections "The Lamb" and "Mercy & Love" alongside classics such as "We Shall Behold Him," "Alter of Grace," "For What Earthly Reason," and others.


  1. It Runs In The Family
  2. For What Earthly Reason
  3. God Still Delivers
  4. Magnify Him
  5. Mercy & Love
  6. Altar of Grace
  7. The Lamb
  8. Live Like Jesus
  9. Your Ways Are Higher Than Mine
  10. Awesome Power of Prayer
  11. Bring It Broken
  12. Do You Know The Savior
  13. Casting Our Crowns At His Feet w/ Worthy The Lamb
  14. We Shall Behold Him/The King Is Coming

Next on the list is the series, The Best Of The Collingsworth Family, Volumes 1 and 2 (CDs sold separately).  Volume 1, which earned the group their first GRAMMY nomination, contains 13 of the family group's most-requested songs including "Shine on Us," "God Is In The Shadows," "When God Whispers In Your Heart," and more.


  1. God Is Faithful
  2. I Know
  3. When God Whispers In Your Heart
  4. I Want Jesus More Than Anything
  5. Show A Little Bit Of Love and Kindness
  6. God Is In The Shadows
  7. Joshua Fit 'de Battle
  8. The Blood of Jesus
  9. Shine On Us
  10. Until Then
  11. Tell The Mountain
  12. Fear Not Tomorrow
  13. How Great Thou Art

The Best Of The Collingsworth Family, Volume 2 features 13 more popular selections including "Inhabit The Priase," "Trading A Cross For A Crown," "Sheltered In The Arms Of God," among others.


1. Inhabit The Praise
2. Light From Heaven
3. He Already Sees The Rainbow
4. Trumpet Medley
5. Trading A Cross For A Crown
6. He'll Bring You Through 
7. The Healer Is Here
8. Sheltered In The Arms Of God
9. Bottom Of The Barrel
10. I Can Trust Jesus
11. Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout The Good Ole Days)
12. At Calvary
13. My Tribute

Finally, That Day Is Coming


  1. Awesome Magnificent
  2. I Love Living In Love With Jesus
  3. That Day Is Coming
  4. He Will Abide
  5. Ever Faithful
  6. There's Still Power In The Blood
  7. Wherever You Are
  8. Your're About To Climb
  9. What The Bible Says
  10. Gotta Get To Jesus
  11. Saints Love To Sing About Heaven
  12. When He Carries Me Away
  13. Redeemer Of The Rain