Signature Voices of Southern Gospel, Vol. 1 CD

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Released July 31, 2006

They inspire us with joy and bring comfort to our lives. Their hearts are as real as the voices we recognize. THESE are the voices that have become a part of our lives.


  1. There'll Come A Day - Brian Free
  2. God Walks The Dark Hills - Libbi Perry
  3. Shepherd's Call - Jason Crabb
  4. Heart Of The Battle - Mike Bowling
  5. While I Wait - Kim Lord
  6. Oh What A Savior - Ernie Haase
  7. Children Of The Dust - Chris Freeman
  8. I'm Not What I Was - Tim Riley
  9. When The Savior Wipes The Tears From Our Eyes - Angie Hoskins
  10. Jesus Will Do What You Can't - Kelly Crabb
  11. There Is A Remedy - Annie McRae
  12. Til The Storm Passes By - Gerald Wolfe

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