It Happened On The Way To The Concert - 2 DVD set

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It Happened On The Way To The Concert


DVD One - 

Les & Tim - The Rice Story - Freezing Bus - Church Across The Street

Scott & Les - The Quittin' Story

Aaron & Les - Les' Daughter

Gordon & Tracy - Dirty Looks, Interns, Left at a restaurant, Smells Like Lime, The Braves' Scores

Tim & Connie - Thrown In The Pool

Connie & Ed - Claude & Ed's First Song, Old Golf Clubs, Crossing The Border

Ed, Aaron & Archie - Aaron's Bus, Goodmans' Bus, Sing B Flat, Convertible Bud

Jim, Scott & Archie - Wrestling Promoter, Wrong House, Wrong Church, Sold Out

Aaron & Connie - Big John, Being Blessed, Hobo on Bus

Gordon Mote (As Porter Wagoner) Interviews - Porter & Tim, Porter & Tracy, Porter & Connie

Tim, Aaron & Scott - Guitar Duet, Unclouded Day "As Willie"


DVD Two - 

Jim Hefner - Derrell Stewart Story

Archie Watkins - Primitives' Arrest

Jim Hefner - Ronnie Hinson Prank

Tim Lovelace - Fit The Description

Tim Lovelace - Airport Trouble

Gordon Mote - Photographic Memory

Scott Howard - Sheet Cake Mistake

Jim Hefner - Altar Call

Archie Watkins - Campaign Calling

Aaron Wilburn - Pregnant Lady

Tim Lovelace - Church Quartet (Somebody's gonna have to sing the 2nd verse!"

Jim Hefner - That's Too High

Ed O'Neal - Teeth

Ed O'Neal - No Suds

Gordon Mote - No Rash

Scott Howard - Can't See A Thing

Jim Hefner - Play 10:58

Scott Howard - Diesel Angel

Everyone - Unclouded Day (with a special "Porter Wagoner" Outro)