High Road - High Road CD

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HighRoadNew Day Records - November 15, 2019
Format: Audio CD - Physical
Genre: Southern Gospel

Produced by Grammy nominated musician Ben Isaacs, the debut New Day Records self-titled album by HighRoad is packed full of 10 beautifully written and composed songs that are sure to move listeners' spirits. The Singing News New Artist of the Year is comprised of group leader Sarah Davidson (vocals and piano), Kristen Bearfield (mandolin, guitar, banjo, and vocals), Kinsey Kapfhammer (guitar and vocals), and Lauren Conklin (fiddle).

1. Nothing at All
2. Faith, Hope, and Love
3. High Road
4. It’s You
5. Snake River Reel
6. God of Second Chances
7. Faithful Again
8. Precious Lord, Take My Hand
9. Two Coats
10. The Day I Got Saved