Greater Vision - The Journey

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The Journey

Greater VisionDaywind Records - January 1, 2021
Exclusive: New Day Exclusive
Format: Audio CD - Physical
Genre: Southern Gospel


Award-winning Greater Vision is starting 2021 off by celebrating their 30th Anniversary and releasing a classic new project, entitled The Journey. This recording features 13 songs with 8 re-recorded classics and 5 sure to be classics.

It's impossible to narrow down thirty years of great songs and great memories into just a few titles. So, we've completely re-recorded some of the songs you've told us over and over are your favorites. Plus, we've included 5 brand new songs because we're always looking for great, new "classics" to take us into the next thirty years. -Gerald Wolfe

1. For All He’s Done
2. I’ve Got A Love
3. You’re Not Good Enough
4. Just One More Soul
5. Walkin’ On The Water That He Made
6. I Could Never Praise Him Enough
7. My Name Is Lazarus
8. It Pays To Pray
9. Songs of Grace
10. You Are My King
11. Faces
12. With All The Many Miracles
13. Start With Well Done
14. Overture/For All He’s Done