Getting Your Life on Target

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Are you or someone you love merely existing or feeling trapped in a life that is much less than you had hoped to be living? If so, Getting Your Life ON-TARGET is the key to unlocking the chains that have imprisoned you. Writing from first-hand experience, Steven J. Austin shares the many life-altering truths he learned through years of rebellion, addiction, and despair. The result is an awakening realization into why you do what you do; why you continue following destructive cycles and patterns and how to break free from those cycles; how to experience peace through any of life’s circumstances; how God uses your past to prepare you for your future; how to recognize God’s activity in your daily life; how to live life comfortably in your own skin; how to use proven tools to ensure life-long change, and much more!

In Getting Your Life ON-TARGET, Steven J. Austin shows readers that most of us are trying to do something that’s already been done, trying to find something that’s already there, trying to get something we already have, so that we might become someone we already are. He takes readers on a journey to help them truly understand and believe that Jesus is who the Bible really says He is and that they are who Jesus says they are!