Food for the Soul & Tummy

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Food for the Soul & Tummy!

With this bundle you receive... 

1. Sunday Dinner in the South Cookbook - Food Personality Tammy Algood shares more then 180 recipes for Southern comfort food, combined with fourty funny and heartwarming stores from preachers about Sunday dinners in the home of church members. 

2. LordSong- Soulfood CD - Once upon a time, Michael Lord, a studio owner and powerful singer, met and married Kim Ruppe, vocalist extraordinaire then singing with her family's group, The Ruppes. Michael and Kim are joined by the extremely talented Amber Franks for LordSong's fifth album. SoulFood is just what it says...yummy food for the soul, served up hot and fresh.


  1. All My Reasons Are You
  2. Pass The Faith Along
  3. The Cross Was Enough
  4. My Good, Your Glory
  5. So Close To The Truth
  6. Shout To The Lord
  7. I Know The Plans I Have For You
  8. Just Like That
  9. I Want To Live It All
  10. I Am Sure Of You
  11. Wandering Heart

3. A Tea Towel - Trust in the Lord, Live Laugh Love or Blessings (its a surprise!)

4. A gorgeous pink & brown bag with the Statement "More than Charm & Beauty A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised Prov 37:30