Darrell Luster - God is Still in Control

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God Is Still In Control

Darrell LusterMalaco - December 14, 2020
Exclusive: New Day Exclusive
Format: Audio CD - Physical
Genre: Gospel


Award-winning producer, musician, singer, and songwriter, Darrell Luster breathes new life into a beloved project, "God Is Still In Control" Since this recording comes from the very same voice that brought you such chart-topping hits as "I Can't Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand" and I Know What Lies Ahead," It is certain to reach the same heights of popularity. A former musician with such legendary quartets as the Highway QCs and the Sensational Nightingales, Darrell Luster was a founding member of the Charles Johnson and the Revivers. 

1. In His Name
2. It’s Me, It’s Me (Standing In The Need Of Prayer)
3. He’s Still Working Miracles
4. Prayer Brought Me This Far
5. He’ll Make It Alright 
6. Flaws And All
7. I Know A Man (Do You Know Him) feat. Pastor Terrell Rogers
8. Speak It
9. Look At God feat. The Legends Of Quartet
10. God Is Still In Control
11. I Still Won’t Bow
12. The Gales Medley (Standing At The Judgement, I’m Coming Up Lord, Can’t You See How They Done My Lord, Burying Ground, It’s In My Mind)