Danny Jones Gift Set ("3", Turning 50 & If I Weren't Here)

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"If I Weren't Here, I'd Be Somewhere Else"
It's here! The follow-up to "The Best of Danny's Diary," "If I Weren't Here, I'd Be Somewhere Else" is another collection of musings and memorable writings a Singing News Editor-In-Chief Danny Jones. Prepare to laugh, cry and be touched!

The latest "stories from the road" from longtime Singing News Editor-in-Chief, Danny Jones. If you love Southern Gospel music, you will become enthralled with this fresh crop of stories that will no doubt stand the test of time.  The highly anticipated follow-up to "The Best of Danny's Diary" and "If I Weren't Here I'd Be Somewhere Else."

“Turning 50…
And Other Reasons to Laugh”
Turning 50…And Other Reasons to Laugh is Danny’s fourth collection of funny road stories, witty sayings, observations from a Christian viewpoint, and guest writings from Daniel Ball, Bob Crawford, Greg Davidson, Sheri Easter, Barbara Huffman and Lauren Talley.