Chris Freeman - The Hinson Side of Me

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This is a best of both worlds album, containing huge Hinson hits and those songs performed only as Chris Freeman can. Without a doubt this CD will become a collectors item.

1. How Wrong You Are (Guest Artists: Ronny Hinson & Steve Woods)
2. Homesick To Go (Guest Artist: Mike Bowling)
3. Call Me Gone (Guest Artists: Weston Hinson & Larry Hinson)
4. Burdens Are Lifted Away (Guest Artists: Weston Hinson & Larry Hinson)
5. Ain’t That What It’s All About (Guest Artists: Bo Hinson & Steve Woods)
6. That I Could Still Go Free (Guest Artists: Three Bridges & Gene McDonald)
7. I Never Shall Forget The Day (Guest Artists: Jeremiah Yocum/Redemption Road Singers)
8. Too Many Times (Guest Artist: The Isaacs Sonya, Ben, & Becky)
9. I’ll Never Forget What He’s Done For Me – Bonus Cut